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Vision Statement

As one of the GRF(L) HQs,My vision for NRDC-T,is:

  • To be manned,equipped and trained to respond,according to the readiness level,appropriately to assigned and /or implied tasks.
  • To be capable of meeting multi-dimensional challenges of the new security environment;able to deploy on short notice and excel at the provision of effective Command,Control and Communications (C3) at the joint operational and ,or tactical levels.
  • Leveraging proven Land Corps HQ competences to demonstrate select joint capabilities in order to command and control a Small Joint Operation-Land as a deployed NATO Force Structure (NFS) Joint HQs.
  • To be capable of identifying and ready to integrate additional military and civilian resources requisite to the comprehensive environment
  • .
  • To establish and maintain continuous awareness of unstable regions ,as identified by SACEUR, or upon which the NATO Command Structure (NCS) is focused.
  • To actively participate in the NATO transformation process by being a comprehensively thinking and acting HQs and in so doing capable reviewing NRDC-T processes to ensure the implementation of current NATO policies,concepts and lessons learned and also transforming the HQs capabilities and structures to meet the changing international security environment.
  • To sustain and continuously improve the professional knowledge and skills of those who serve in HQ NRDC-T to better serve NATO,their respective nations and individuals alike.


NRDC-T, as a High Readiness Force(Land) HQ,is to be trained and prepared at high level of readiness to deploy,on NATO orders, to an area of operation designated by SACEUR to conduct Combined and Joint military operations;

  • As a Corps HQ,
  • As a Land Component Command HQ,
  • As a NFS JHQ to command Small Joint Operation(SJO) Land,
  • And as an HQ being capable to support a NCS JHQ in command of Major Joint Operation (MJO),or to augment ongoing operations.

In order to support Crisis Management Operations or to sustain extant operations.